Diabetes Program Innovations

  • COPEDS Outpatient New-Onset Diabetes Program was featured as an innovative and cost-saving program by The Medical Group of Ohio in their summer 2016 publication:


Community Diabetes Advocacy

  • Dr. Zipf was honored for his 40 years of pediatric endocrinology practice and leadership in Columbus' diabetes advocacy at the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes in October 2015:



Community Health Advocacy

Diabetes Mobile Apps and Gaming

Dr. Dyer is both a pediatric endocrinologist AND a mobile health entrepreneur having created the award-winning EndoGoal Diabetes Rewards App. She is a thought leader in driving data-based health outcomes and behavior change with mobile health, gaming, and social media as @EndoGoddess which she has discussed at Diabetes Technology Society, ADA, The White House, Doctors 2.0 & You in Paris, TEDx, SXSW, Stanford, Mayo Clinic, mHealth Summit, and Harvard to date. Dr. Dyer began developing apps to automate her successful weekly SMS texting protocol that she used with her teen diabetic patients to improve their insulin adherence while she was at Nationwide Children's Hospital. Video summary here:

All of her app programs are evidence-based using BJ Fogg's health behavior model. As an entrepreneur, she created the startup EndoGoddess LLC in 2011 which entered into partnership with a larger Ohio mobile software startup, Duet Health, shortly thereafter. Duet Health, named after its doctor-patient focus, is a mobile software startup in Columbus, Ohio producing evidence-based mobile solutions for hospital systems, small physician practices, pharmacies, insurance companies, and medical education companies since 2009. Using seed funding, together they developed the EndoGoddess App in 2011. The EndoGoddess App was designed to provide iTunes rewards specifically for motivation of teenagers. EndoGoddess App crowdfunding fundraiser video summary noted here:

The EndoGoal App was then designed to reach a larger demographic base by offering broader rewards such as prepaid visa cards and/or retail gift cards with retail partners. The completed EndoGoal App Rewards Program with a one of a kind transaction process is currently in storyboard format and being prepared for the build of the transaction process by nonprofit technology company, Groundwork Group. Groundwork Group, also in Columbus Ohio, has extensive experience with building original web-based and mobile platforms for fundraising through sponsorship of individuals in athletic events often utilized by nonprofits. The EndoGoal App's award-winning design has secured further funding through national IT competitions:

More about the upcoming Diabetic Ninja Game (due in fall 2016) created by Dr. Dyer can be found in this article by Med City News: here.