At your appointments, COPEDS will make sure that your prescriptions are updated upon your completion of the prescription renewal form at your appointment. We will always try to prescribe sufficient medication to last you from one appointment to the next. 


However, if you need a prescription renewal between appointments:

  • Complete prescription renewal forms or written requests:
  1. Click here for general non-diabetic prescription renewal form
  2. Click here for diabetic prescription renewal form
  3. If unable to download forms, please write down the following information in the form of a written request: patient name, patient date of birth, name of medication requested, name of pharmacy you would like the medication sent to.
  4. Online submission (available for general non-diabetic renewals only):
Patient Name *
Patient Name
Patient date of birth
Patient date of birth
Pharmacy Address *
Pharmacy Address
Pharmacy Phone *
Pharmacy Phone


  • Pick one of several ways to transmit completed form or written request (telephone calls are no longer an option):
  1. Email completed form or written request to:
  2. Fax completed form or written request to: (614) 839-3041
  3. Mail completed form or written request to: 55 Dillmont #100; Columbus OH 43235. Make a note on envelope outside 'ATTENTION: prescription refill'
  4. In person: drop off completed form or written request at our office (8:00am-5:00pm Monday-Thursday, 8:00am-4:00pm Friday)
  5. Online (available for general non-diabetic renewals only): complete and press "submit"


Upon receipt of prescription renewal information, refills will be faxed or electronically submitted to the designated pharmacy within 72 hours. Please provide complete information; failure to provide all the necessary information could delay processing.


For routine medication that needs renewed immediately, please call the office and dial "0" for the front office receptionist. For these renewal requests, there will be a $20 charge. Since most commercial carriers do not cover this service, you will be responsible for payment.


In those instances when your last appointment in our office was over 6 months ago, you may need to schedule an appointment so that your prescription needs and health status can be reviewed.


COPEDS uses an electronic prescription service called Allscripts.