'Just For You' Diabetes Prevention & Weight Management


An increasing number of children and adolescents are overweight, and if no intervention is made, 80% of them will become obese adults. Extra pounds puts them at risk for many medical problems including type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, increased stress on weight-bearing joints, digestive diseases, early puberty (girls), late puberty (boys), accelerated growth, high cholesterol, and sleep apnea. Excess weight can also affect self-esteem, relationships with peers, and success in adulthood.


Health concerns of one family member affect the family dynamics. As noted above, this is a serious problem and one that requires a family solution. "Just for You" is a comprehensive diabetes prevention and weight management program tailored to meet each family’s needs. The program spans approximately 18 months.



Making lifestyle changes is not an easy endeavor and requires a family commitment. For optimal results, both the parent(s) and child need to be ready to make lifestyle changes.


Program Overview

"Just for You” is designed to equip families with the tools needed to build a foundation for lifelong healthy living. Goals of the program include: identifying and managing medical causes and complications associated with obesity, reducing health risk factors, slowing weight gain, modest body weight reduction, increasing physical activity, improving self-esteem, and maintaining normal growth in height.


Pre-Program Assessment

Comprehensive Examination

Medical & Weight Gain History

Family History

Growth & Weight Gain Pattern

Activity Assessment


Diagnostic Assessment & Review

Visit 1: Conducted at the COPEDS office between 7:45–9:00am and includes the following:

Fasting Lab Work

Body mass index (BMI)

Waist measurement

Metabolism (BMR) – Medgem

OGTT (Oral Glucose Tolerance Test) – as needed


Visit 2: Physician Review and Explanation of Test Results & Goal Setting for Phase 1


Phase 1

Visit 3: Diet Instruction & Planning


Visit 4: Fitness Assessment & Personalized Activity Plan at D1 Sports (8080 North High St., Columbus, OH 43235)


Phase 2

Visit 5: Diet Instruction & Activity Plan Progression


Visit 6: Medical Evaluation & Goal Reassessment


Visit 7: Medical Evaluation & Program Progression


Visit 8: Metabolic Testing #2 & Labs (if needed)


Visit 9: Physician Review and Explanation of Test Results & Goal Setting for Phase 3


Phase 3

Visit 10: Diet Instruction & Planning


Visit 11: Medical Evaluation & Program Progression


Visit 12: Nutrition Counseling & Problem Solving


Visit 13: Metabolic Testing #3 & Labs (if needed)


Visit 14: Fitness Assessment & Personalized Activity Plan at D1 Sports (8080 North High St., Columbus, OH 43235)


Visit 15: Physician Review and Explanation of Test Results, Lifetime Diet & Activity Prescription and Program Graduation



Out of pocket costs to the family include co-payments/co-insurance, insurance deductibles for medical office visits and lab work not covered by insurance. There is a one-time fee of $40.00 for the metabolic testing mask (which is used several times throughout the program) and each a $40 fee at the time of each fitness assessment.